2018 Conference Schedule

May 15

Check-In – Pre-Conference Certification Course

Check-in for Pre-Conference Certification Course & Information Desk

Pre-Conference Certification Course

Accessible Customer Service, Heather Hiscock, SMD
Heather Hiscock

Delegate Registration / Check-In

Day 1 – Delegate Registration / Check-In
May 16

Delegate Registration / Check-In

Delegate Registration / Check-In

Continental Breakfast

Sponsored by APTN

Grand Entry, Opening Ceremonies & Keynote Earl Lambert

Keynote Presentation by Earl LambertLife Coach, Motivational Speaker, Storyteller & Entertainer
Earl Lambert

Lunch and Presentation

A Vision for a Common Future, Shaunna Morgan Siegers, Indigenous Leadership Initiative
Shaunna Morgan Siegers

Workshop Sessions #1 – Option 1

Bringing A Business Idea to Life, Phillip Cavey, MNP
Philip Cavey

Workshop Sessions #1 – Option 2

Taku Wakan, Something Sacred, Wanbdi Wakita & Pahan Pte San Win, Bear Paw Teaching & Healing
Wanbdi Wakita
Pahan Pte San Win

Workshop Sessions #1 – Option 3

The Media Interns that Could – How We Got the Job!, Ranée Dong & Kimberly Cleave, APTN
Ranée Dong
Kimberly Cleave

Workshop Sessions #2 – Option 1

Engagement Strategies between the Indigenous Demographic & Industry, Sherman Kong and Christie Spencer, AMIK
Christie Spencer
Sherman Kong

Workshop Sessions #2 – Option 2

How to Improve Your Credit History, Pam Krasniuk and Millie Acuna, Seed Winnipeg
Pam Krasniuk
Millie Acuna

Workshop Sessions #2 – Option 3

Stand Strong, Walk Tall, Be Proud to be YOU! with Keynote Earl Lambert
Earl Lambert
May 17

Continental Breakfast

Sponsored by APTN

Keynote Andrea Menard

Keynote presentation by Andrea Menard, Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter, Gemini-Nominated Actor
Andrea Menard

Workshop Sessions #3 – Option 1

How to Launch and Grow Your Business Without Much $$$, Kendal Netmaker, Neechi Gear
Kendal Netmaker

Workshop Sessions #3 – Option 2

Social Enterprise Development Training, Frank Atnikov, Social Enterprise Manitoba
Frank Atnikov

Workshop Sessions #3 – Option 3

S.A.D.; Sex, Alcohol and Drugs - Youth Development, Don Burnstick
Don Burnstick

Workshop Sessions #3 – Option 4

Dragon’s Quest Finalists’ Presentations and Voting

Lunch and Presentation

First Nation Drug Deterrence Program, George Leonard, MSAR
George Leonard

Workshop Sessions #4 – Option 1

Change the World by Telling Your Story – How To Gain Local and National Coverage for Your Business,
Kendal Netmaker, Neechi Gear
Kendal Netmaker

Workshop Sessions #4 – Option 2

Building Urban Industries for Local Development, Art Ladd, BUILD
Art Ladd

Workshop Sessions #4 – Option 3

Songwriting Workshop with Recording Artist - Joey Stylez
Joey Stylez

Workshop Sessions #4 – Option 4

The Indian Act and Economic Sanctions, Craig Blacksmith, Dakota Ojibway CFDC
Craig Blacksmith

Red River College New Social Enterprise Program – Recommendations from the Grassroots

Red River College New Social Enterprise Program – Recommendations from the Grassroots, Marianne Cerilli, Red River College
Marianne Cerilli

Gala Banquet

Gala Banquet*: Three Course Dinner, Award Presentations and Entertainers:
Earl Lambert
and Momentum Aerial and Acrobatic Troupe
*Additional Cost. Please see Delegate Registration
Vision Quest Community Future Partners: Dakota Ojibway CFDC, Kitayan CFDC Southeast CFDC, Cedar Lake CFDC, North Central CFDC